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Editorial Changes in the Undergraduate & Graduate Catalogs

Requests for editorial changes for courses and programs must be submitted using the Editorial Request form in the Curriculum Forms System. The form will route to the department chair/school director for their approval and then to either the Associate Vice President for Undergraduate Studies or the Director of the Graduate School. The form requires a brief rationale/reason for the change and the current and proposed new catalog copy. 

Deadline for Editorial Request forms

Presentation: How to submit Editorial Requests in the Curriculum Forms System

University Catalog

The University Catalog outlines the degree requirements for graduation, the programs of study offered and the courses required. All students are assigned to the catalog year associated with their term of admission to Illinois State University and must meet the requirements specified in that catalog to graduate. Students can confirm their catalog year in and consult that year's catalog for degree requirements. Specific questions should be directed to the student's advisor.


Editorial Changes Generally Allowed

  • Removal of prerequisite(s)
  • Change to punctuation in the list of prerequisites to make things clearer. 
  • Course description revisions that do not change the focus of the course
  • Removal or addition of a recommended course
  • Addition of a course prerequisite(s) from the same department/school
  • Addition of prerequisite(s) from other departments/schools with attached documentation of support from the departments/schools
  • Removal of 300-for-graduate credit attribute from a course
  • Title revisions that do not change the focus of the course
  • Removing the multiple enrollments allowed or changing the maximum number of credit hours a student can take for a course that allows multiple enrollments 
  • Change in variable hours for courses that are already approved as variable hour courses 

Course Changes Generally NOT Considered Editorial – Course Revision Proposal Required

  • Change of hours 
  • Course description or title revision that seems to change course focus
  • Course content change including general topics and student performance evaluation methods (including a possible grading scale)


Editorial Changes Allowed for Programs

  • Removal or addition of text or punctuation to make requirements clearer
  • After a program title change form is approved, an Editorial Request must be submitted to make necessary changes to catalog copy - review all pages that may be impacted
  • Change in a concentration(s) and/or title of concentration(s) (if it doesn’t result in a change to the program requirements/hours)
  • Removal or addition of a course or courses, within the same department/school or program, to specified program electives or recommended elective section(s) 
  • Removal of inactivated courses from a list of electives 
  • Changes to the sample plan of study section of the catalog
  • Changes to Notes sections on major/sequence pages 
  • Addition of electives from outside the department/school with supporting documentation from the departments/schools 

Program Changes NOT Considered Editorial – Curriculum Revision Proposal Required

  • Removal or addition of a course(s) to program requirements
  • Change to required hours 
  • Removal of inactive courses from course requirements if it changes the number of hours required
  • GPA and grade requirements for continuance in program (must be approved by EMAS or the Graduate School first)

These are just some examples of editorial requests that have been allowed/not allowed in the past, if you are not sure what form to use, please email