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Membership and Officers


  • 14 Faculty: Membership consists of two from the College of Applied Science and Technology, two from the College of Business, two from the College of Education, two from the College of Fine Arts, four from the College of Arts and Sciences, one from Mennonite College of Nursing, and one from Milner Library. The Academic Senate appoints four or five new members each year for three-year terms. Undergraduate Curriculum Committee members may not serve simultaneously on a college curriculum committee.
  • 4 Students: the Student Government Association elects Student committee members annually for a one-year term. Members may not serve simultaneously on a college curriculum committee.
  • Executive Secretary: The Provost’s designee serves as the Executive Secretary.
  • It is recommended that members of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee not serve on other major committees at the university, college, or departmental/school level. Department chairs or school directors and College Curriculum Committee members are ineligible.
  • Given the seriousness of the charge, any member who has three unexcused absences will be asked to resign.


  • Chairperson

    The Chair is elected annually by the UndergraduateCurriculum Committee from among the faculty members of the Committee, and serves as an ex-officio, non-voting member on the Council on General Education and the Council for Teacher Education.

  • Vice Chairperson

    Elected annually by the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, the Vice Chair presides at meetings during the Chairperson’s absence.

  • Recording Secretary

    Elected annually by the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee to keep minutes of the meetings.

Membership List


Susan Chen

Department of Economics/College of Arts and Sciences
Term Ending: May 2025

Thomas Howe

Department of Finance, Insurance, and Law/College of Business
Term Ending: May 2025

Sheryl Henry

Mennonite College of Nursing
Term Ending: May 2026

Joshua Newport

Milner Library
Term Ending: May 2026

Yi Ren

Department of Accounting/College of Business
Term Ending: May 2025

Aaron Paolucci

Creative Technologies/Winsook Kim College of Fine Arts
Term Ending: May 2025

Sumesh Philip 

School of Information Technology/College of Applied Science and Technology
Term Ending: May 2026

Matthew Smith

School of Music/Winsook Kim College of Fine Arts 
Term Ending: May 2027

Stef Gardiner-Walsh

Department of Special Education/College of Education
Term Ending: May 2026 

Executive Secretary

Amy Hurd

Associate Vice President for Undergraduate Education

Student Membership